Damien D’Luxe – USA

Damien D'Luxe (2)

Damien D’Luxe, Drag King from Minneapolis, USA.  Photo, Makeup and costume all by Damien


Performer name(s): Damien D’Luxe

Where do you live (and perform): Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Gender: Gender Queer

Age: 32

Muggle day job:  Tattoo Shop Owner/ Tattoo Artist

Length of time performing: I have been performing for 15 years. I would say I have likely done at least 600 or more shows (estimating).

What you refer to yourself performance wise ?: Drag King


Damien D'Luxe 3

Damien D’Luxe, Drag King from Minneapolis, USA.  Photo, Makeup and costume all by Damien

Why do you perform?

I perform as a way to express my gender identity. Because I identify as gender queer but present more “female” in my daily life, it is a great outlet for me to feel more masculine when I am on stage. I see it as a way of being a man without being a man. I also use drag to assist with my social anxiety. I have a difficult time interacting with others in my daily life and doing drag allows me to be someone else and helps me to socialize with people when I normally wouldn’t be able to.  Drag is also another art form for me. I don’t do a ton of artwork outside of my work in tattooing. Doing drag allows me to use my body as my canvas. I paint my artwork on myself at every show.

How would you describe your performance style ?

My performance style varies a lot between cosplay, hip hop and pop/lock dancing style numbers, boilesque and dark/creepy numbers. I try to bring varying looks to each show and do dramatic make up and costume changes between numbers.

What /who inspires you ?

I am inspired by a lot of things around me. I do a lot of research in high fashion looks and male couture online. I also use inspiration from specific characters when I create them for cosplay. The celebrity that I am inspired by the most is Marilyn Manson. I also find inspiration in make up from the drag queens that I work with and from fellow kings on social media.

Some information about your costumes:

My costumes range from dark and sexy to bright and colorful. I use a lot of feathers, sequins, rhinestones, studs and other embellishments.  I do a lot of singular colors from head to toe or use color themes varying by the song. I also do a lot of cosplay numbers that use costuming from specific well known characters. I make most everything myself and my wife helps me embellish them a lot of times when I am short on time.

Your favourite act (of your own or someone else’s) and why:

My favourite act changes by the month. I feel like my favourite act generally is my most recent act. I love bringing new pieces to the stage and the invigorating feel of new costuming and song choices. My current favourite act of mine is performing to Macho Man by the Village People. I perform it as a circus strongman with a big barbell. I love the campiness and fun in the number and that I am able to bring theatrics to the stage.

Biggest challenge as a performer:

The biggest challenge for me as a performer is balancing my life and having proper time management. Because I own my own business and have employees along with managing my own tattooing my free time is very limited. I also perform 1-3 times every week. This does not leave me a lot of time for my home, family and friends. Over the years I have learned to find a sort of balance but at times I find myself burned out. Sometimes I simply wish there were more hours in the day!

Social media handles, any links you want to share:

Instagram @damiendluxe

FB @damiendluxe

Twitter @tattoosbyemi

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeGsfcVnYVGDVjrICvW91cQ?view_as=subscriber

Damien D'Luxe 4

Damien D’Luxe, Drag King from Minneapolis, USA.  Photo, Makeup and costume all by Damien


Damien D'Luxe

Damien D’Luxe, Drag King from Minneapolis, USA.  Photo, Makeup and costume all by Damien

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