Dean D’Monic – USA

Dean D'Monic 2

Dean D’Monic, Drag King (and Cosplayer) from Minnesota USA. Photo by Tim Rabe. Hair, makeup and costume by Dean D’Monic.

Dean D'Monic 1

Dean D’Monic, Drag King (and Cosplayer) from Minnesota USA.  Photo by John Lombardi. Hair, makeup and costume by Dean D’Monic

Performer name(s): Dean D’Monic

Where do you live: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Gender: female


Muggle day job: Esthectian

Length of time: I’ve only been performing Drag for about 6 months, and have done 2 to  4 shows each month, but I have been performing in many other avenues for over a decade. Haunt performer, street performer, snake charmer, stripper, sideshow entertainer, exotic animal handler, and a Unicorn

What you refer to yourself performance wise?  A Drag King

Why do you perform? I’m better when I’m not myself. While performing Drag is a hobby for me, getting a chance to be Dean Winchester helps me process , deal with, and let go of some very complex emotions that I have held onto for a long time. I really enjoy how mentally stimulating it is to devise amd create a Drag act. I also perform for people within the supernatural fandom and the Destiel shippers. I create things that otherwise would never exist for them to see outside of fanart.

How would you describe your performance style? raw, expressive, and emotional

What /who inspires you?  the show Supernatural and the fandom. I get so much from episodes,  fanart, fanfiction,  and memes created within the SPN family.

Some information about your costume: Dean Winchester is a pretty basic needs guys. He wears Jeans and flannels. So in representing him I’m not the flashiest King out there. And thats ok, because the people I’m really performing for don’t want to see a sparkling Dean. They want to see a realistic representation, and they a tough crowd to please because they are so passionate about the show and it’s characters. But I do sneak in some extra flair here and there when I’m doing orginal Dean pieces,  Gender Flip with Deanna Winchester pieces, or Priestly bits( those ones always get some extra sparkle because Priestly is kinda a flashy guy)

Biggest challenge as a performer: Performer black out and pacing. Sometimes after a bit I can’t even remember performing it, it all gets spaced out. So currently I’m working on being more present and stay in the moment. My pacing thru bits can be too fast, and that’s just me as a person. I’m always talking fast, typing fast, thinking fast. Just busy busy busy, so I’m working on slowing down my performing and not racing through so quickly

Something you would like to tell readers: Really just get out there and do the things that make you happy. It’s corny but true, you are only living this life for yourself. Fly your Freak Flag High!! Love what you love!!! You gotta follow your passions and chase your dreams.

Dean D'Monic 3

Dean D’Monic, Drag King (and Cosplayer) from Minnesota USA. Photo by Tim Rabe.

Dean D'Monic 4

Dean D’Monic, Drag King (and Cosplayer) from Minnesota USA.  Photo by John Lombardi. Hair, makeup and costume by Dean D’Monic.

Buck Orchid – USA


Buck Orchid, drag king, from San Antonio, Texas, USA


Performer name(s): Buck Orchid

Where do you live (and perform)?  San Antonio Texas, USA

Gender:  Female

Age: 47

Muggle day job:  Currently an independently working artist which means cobbling together office management, arts education, dance instruction, showcase facilitation, performing etc etc etc. I did use to work in non-profit theater as an arts administrator for close to 20 years before being made redundant. Alas.

Length of time performing:  As a king? Lately it’s been every two months or so. Since I joined a troupe I’ve had the opportunity to perform more regularly in our self-produced shows and we have been slowly picking up appearances and bookings. As a performer though I’ve been in the game since the mid-90s.

What you refer to yourself performance wise? drag king


Buck Orchid, drag King, from San Antonio, Texas, USA. ‘Prince Charming’.

Why do you perform? Because I am a performer at heart. Specifically as a king, I get to tap into my masculine energy and live a persona that I think is pretty convincing…I enjoy the reactions of my audience. Especially the women 😉

How would you describe your performance style? Flirty, sexy, high-energy

What /who inspires you?  Spykey van Dykey is a huge inspiration as a king because of his style, showman-ship and artistry and let’s face it, he’s fucking hot. Jack the Lad is another inspiration because until I came across him on YouTube I hadn’t heard of another South Asian drag king before! As far as my styling goes, I think of Buck as a very “metro” Bollywood dude, so actors like Arjun Rampal, Ranveer Singh, John Abaraham, Hrthik ROshan are who I look at for styling and choreography inspiration. Finally, one of my first big numbers was a Prince tribute so as a fellow tiny brown man I am also very inspired by him especially since I have been a fan since I was little.

Some information about your costumes:

Well I am kind of petite so it’s been a process to figure out my best options. I have been trolling for tiny asian man clothes. My husband is a few inches taller than me and has been nice enough to hand off his clothes from his slimmer days etc. As a burlesque performer while I don’t sew anything I am pretty good at blinging out and adapting found items. I am constantly learning through social media from other kings, performers and costumiers about the best ways to dress Buck since I do have some specific aesthetic goals ( Bollywood male model lol).


Buck Orchid, drag king, from San Antonio, Texas, USA


Your favourite act and why:

Currently my favorite act is still in progress but it is my Prince Charming pole dance because I went all out on the costume, which presented some challenges as a dancer. I think that when its nailed down it will be pretty awesome. My other favorite number of mine is one where I lip-sync to a mashup of shape of you and Urvashi ( a popular Hindi movie song) while hula hooping and stripping. Buck does like to get naked-ish!

As far as someone else’s act, currently I am blown away by Alexander the Great’s Ted Bundy act because it was really unexpected and he committed fully to it. I really enjoy being connected through the internet to so many kings though! I am constantly challenged and inspired and humbled by everyone’s creativity. Buck is the newest of my personas and definitely has work to do.

Biggest challenge as a performer:

Making sure I stay “in the pocket” with my physicality. I have a specific idea of what I want him to embody so I am still working on making sure I don’t slip into my “Black Orchid” more femme gestures. Secondarily I would say that San Antonio is still a market for drag queens ( and definitely all props to the hardworking queens who have made it so) and it is dispiriting to see that even within the queer community, we have yet to be taken seriously for bookings and acknowledgement.

Some of your achievements:

Recently I and the troupe ( Los MENtirosos) was booked to headline a local Fiesta “royalty” event. I’m still not sure how some people there felt about us but to me that’s an example of the kind of gig that normally wouldn’t go to a drag king. Other than that I never lip-synced until I started committing to the character and now I can say I know how to lip-sync in Spanish, Hindi and Arabic for certain numbers lol as well as in English!

Social media handles, any links you want to share:

Buck doesn’t have his own page yet but you can see his pics etc at

and IG: @shimarella

 Something you would like to tell readers:

Well here’s my general bio: Buck Orchid is a true Desi man who loves a strong drink, a good beat and the lovely ladies. He is a pocket Prince Charming who has been scandalizing and seducing his way through San Antonio and the South in the past few years. He’s better known…for now… for his family connection to Black Orchid, “The Transoceanic Tropical Tease”, who you can see in full femme action in San Antonio and beyond. Like all Bollywood heroes, he lives to pay sexy tribute to his favorite pop idols. He is also a member of Los MENtirosos, San Antonio’s only drag king troupe!TAG LINE: “Singapore’s Sultan of Swing, with a Thousand Ways to Make You Swing”.


Buck Orchid, drag king, from San Antonio, Texas, USA

Mike Litoris – New Zealand

Mike Litoris 1

Mike Litoris, drag king from Wellington, New Zealand. Photo: Paradox Photography. Design: Caleb McNabb. Makeup and styling by Mike Litoris. Courtesy of Gag Collective

Performer name(s): Mike Litoris

Where do you live (and perform): Wellington, New Zealand

Gender: Woman (she/her)

Age: 26

Muggle day job: Sex Worker/Busker

Length of time performing:  2 ½ years. Done multiple gigs, usually perform once, sometimes twice a month. Performed at Wellington Pride Festival.

What you refer to yourself performance wise: Drag King

Why do you perform? For expression, to subvert and challenge the norm, promote body positivity, because I enjoy it.

How would you describe your performance style: Gritty, masculine, gay, challenging, powerful.

What /who inspires you: Other drag kings, my drag community, the wider drag king community. My partner (a transmasc drag queen).

After Party Pic

 Mike Litoris, drag king from Wellington, New Zealand. Photo: Jeff Tolan. Makeup and Costume by Mike Litoris.

Some information about your costumes: Often self-created from thrift shop finds on a budget, I usually buy base garments, adding to them with embroidery, stitching, studs and rhinestones etc. as I see fit. I have a couple of standard outfits, and then I might have a couple of outfits designed specifically for a certain act.

Your favourite act (of your own or someone else’s) and why: My act, where I am a silver android, with light-up reveals and several cuts of electronica tracks. My best act to date.

Biggest challenge as a performer: Budget limitations

Some of your achievements: Performed at Wellington Pride Festival, including the afterparty with an international Drag Queen, Laila McQueen, part of a collective called Gag Collective, producing my own show bi-monthly called Open Mike.

Social media handles, any links you want to share:

Instagram: @mikelitorisdrag (

Facebook: Mike Litoris Drag King (

Twitter: @mikelitorisdrag (

 Something you would like to tell readers: Drag is for anybody. If you feel like your gender, age, divergence or disability makes you less valid to try drag because of the overwhelming majority with privilege, fight to prove them wrong. You are valid. Your drag is valid. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Mike Litoris Promo Pic

Mike Litoris from Wellington, New Zealand.  Photo: Ngarongonui Mareikura-Ellery. Makeup and costume by Mike Litoris.

Mike Litoris 2

Mike Litoris from Wellington, New Zealand. Photo: Bernie Homes. Makeup and costume by Mike Litoris.

Mr Green Teal / Sparklemuffin – Australia


Mr Green Teal posing with showgirls for Miss Kitka’s House of Burlesque, Christmas In July show 2011

Megan M-34

Mr Green Teal as Johnny Ray, in Miss Kitka’s House of Burlesque, Kitten of the Year Show in 2011, photo by Captain Spitfire (Shannon Brown, now The Den Photography)

Performer name(s): Mr Green Teal and Sparklemuffin

Where do you live? Canberra, Australia

Gender: Genderfluid or Non-Binary

Age:  50

Muggle day job:  Currently not working, due to illness. Studying/working on starting up my own business.  Worked in the community sector/education for 17 years.

Length of time performing:  I’ve been performing as Mr Green Teal for 14 years and Sparklemuffin for 5 years.  It’s hard to say how many shows I have performed as Mr Green Teal, probably only about 40, and as Sparklemuffin, I have done about 20 shows.  I’ve had illness, lack of resources and being the only king (at times), which has meant challenges to performing, (more often and outside of Canberra).

What you refer to yourself performance wise:  Depends on the context, often I say I’m a drag king or burlesque performer or just a performer.  I am originally visual arts trained, so sometimes it’s just ‘artist’.

CaptaVitae Photography -

Sparklemuffin (as character Aladon Heat), in Erase The Binary show, 2014.  Show produced by Megan Munro (Mr Green Teal /Sparklemuffin) and Melina Fahrenheit.  Raising $$ and awareness of gender diversity.  Photo by CaptaVitae Photography (Chris Manchester)


Why do you perform?  I started doing what I called Drag King performance originally after I came out as Same Sex Attracted (lesbian), at age 36.  It was part of the beginning of lots of identity exploration and I came out more times after this.  I had always been creative, and I wanted to perform but never had the ‘guts’ or nerve to do it because I was never ‘enough’ when I was younger, and types of performance seemed limited.  I had, had little exposure to kings, so it’s hard to say how or where I got the idea from. Many of the lesbians I excitedly told I wanted to do drag king performance to were not as excited as me, some were VERY excited. I found a way to start, that is a whole story unto itself.  Because performance opportunities were rare I treated each gig as the last one. After about 7 years the venue that I had been doing most of my performance at, closed. I approached a local burlesque troupe, Miss Kitka’s House of Burlesque and asked Miss Kitka if I could possibly perform with her troupe.  I performed that year (2011) with Miss Kitkas t for the first time (as Mr Green Teal).  After that, I thought it was time to explore my femme side and build on my performance skills. I had never experienced queer femme.  So, I took up burlesque classes with Miss Kitka and did my first burlesque solo as Arachne Phobia, in a show ‘Jungle Fever’ in 2012.  I didn’t ever feel fully comfortable in the full femme burlesque mode, which, apparently you’re ‘supposed to feel sexy doing.  To me it is more drag than any other presentation I have done.

In more recent years, my performance has had a focus on queer themes.  I perform because it is the time when I am truly standing up for and representing other queer/LGBTI folk.  I am also representing the ‘older’ performer.  I was the oldest performer doing burlesque, for some time, in our local burlesque scene. Others came and went, but I was still there. I perform now because I am standing up, raw and exposed as a queer person. I’m here and I’m queer.  I’ve also been the first drag king that many people have seen. This is something special.

CaptaVitae Photography -

Sparklemuffin performing their ‘Creep’ routine at The Abbey as part of Mondayitis.  Photo by Captavitae Photography (Chris Manchester).  Costume, makeup, styling all by Sparklemuffin.


Sparklemuffin is Lady Elvis, for Miss Kitka’s House of Burlesque, Elvis Tribute Show, 2016.  Photo by D-Eye (Brett Sargeant). Costume, makeup, styling by Sparklemuffin.

How would you describe your performance style: Mr Green Teal is an old-fashioned crooner.  He is distinct in his style and models himself off the likes of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Chris Isaak Style.  Occasionally he has chosen to perform to raunchier or up-beat music.  His signature songs are ‘Bad Things’ and ‘Fever’ (Michael Buble).

Sparklemuffin does a range of presentations from femme burlesque to boylesque. Sparklemuffin is the gender bender, who, in most cases is a character performer. Choosing very different looks and themes to perform to.  Often the costuming is specific to the ideas in the act.  I would like to push Sparklemuffin much further, performing mostly as a male persona.

What /who inspires you: I am inspired by ‘everyday’ people. Folk in the LGBTI communities that continuously advocate for our rights. I am inspired by many of the trans and gender diverse people I know, that are part of my life. I’m inspired by people of colour, and people living with chronic illness, or mental illness. I’m inspired by the people that just keep going in a world that’s often against them.  I love the artists that challenge ideas. In my current world the people/performers that inspire are;  Jenni Atkinson; Ginger Gorman; Bella De Jac and Alyssa Kitt (whose words of encouragement I will never forget); The Rainbow; Bust Herr; Ziggy Disco Balls; Glitterfist; Archie Arsenic; Miss Kitka; All the Kitka folk; Betty Grumble; Rocco D’Amore; Sexy Galexy; Lance De Boyle; Lee Valone; Paradox Rei; Glitta Supernova; Dolores Daiquiri; Lillian Starr; Fancy Piece; Bunni Lambada; Spikey Van Dykey; Rubyyy Jones;  Any intersectional performers;  A number of our local performers, but particularly InkBits and Bambi Valentine.  Many of these people I have only seen images of on social media, but am a big fan of them, of their ethos and what they ‘put out’. It’s about leadership and social and cultural change.

Some information about your costumes:  I was originally trained in textiles, so I love a good costume.  My costumes are all styled by me, and wherever possible, designed and made by me. I either use found upcycled items and often deconstruct them to create a costume I want, or I make them from other materials from scratch. One of my biggest costume achievements is a gladiator suit, which is covered in medication packs.  The act being about mental illness. I like it when costumes add relevance or meaning to the act.


Sparklemuffin doing their ‘Butch Burlesque’ routine at Dr Sketchys Canberra, December 2017. Costume, makeup and styling by Sparklemuffin.  Photo by Sam Ingham.

Your favourite act (of your own or someone else’s) and why:  I don’t really have just one. A few that currently stand out are; The Body Map show by Glitta Supanova (Australian Performer); An act by Ruby Slippers (Australian), which involved using film and awesome costuming; Sweaty Pitts (local Canberra folk) and an act they did dressed as lemons. The Rainbow (Australian), Mad Hatter act.  Baron Von Envy’s winning act in Mr Boylesque International 2017.

Biggest challenge as a performer: Health, resources ($$$$) and, sometimes I feel like the only queer in the village.  My health has been a problem for the last 7 years, this combined with lack of resources has meant that I haven’t been able to do the workshops and training that I want, or to get out of Canberra to perform. Being the only drag king for chunks of time, in my home town and feeling isolated in that.

Some of your achievements:

That I have kept going all this time, despite feeling quite alone at times.

In around 2007 I ran my first drag king workshops.  Encouraged by my dear friend Rocco Hardness.  We had a small, Canberra based troupe which ran for about 4-5 years, members came and went.  I decided I needed to ‘own’ that I was the ‘expert’ in my local area and I started up the workshops again in 2017.  We currently have a few kings who are keen to get performing.  I continue to run these workshops, because I believe it’s important to me. It supports new performers and helps them get a head start.  I had to navigate my own way without things like Facebook groups and with very little information. I’m proud of my ‘kinglets’ as we call them (as opposed to baby kings).  We have a little family.

Winning the inaugural Kreative Kitten in Miss Kitka’s House of Burlesque in the annual Kitten of the Year Competition at the end of 2016.

Competing in Miss Burlesque Australia competition in 2016. I was so sure I was going to be so far behind all the other competitors, in terms of how good I was, but this was not true. It was hard, but I really grew as a performer.

The several shows I have produced to raise awareness of varying issues. The first two were LGBTI focussed variety shows, raising money for those communities.  The last show was in 2017 and that was to raise awareness about mental health problems and $$$ for a local mental health organisation.  These shows are about creating community on several levels.

This blog. Hopefully it will become huge.


Social media handles, any links you want to share:


Sparklemuffin posing before performing their ‘Manhattan’ routine for Miss Kitka’s Boys, Boys, Boys and a Girl 2! in 2017.  Costume, makeup and styling by Sparklemuffin.  Photo by D-Eye (Brett Sargeant)

Something you would like to tell readers:

Thank you to all the people who have supported me and continue to support me. It means so much to me.  Thank you to elders and artists who have come before me/us.

It’s not easy being an artist, a creative thinker or an advocate for change.  You’ll always get people that disagree with you, you’ll always get people telling you, you are wrong or trying to put you down.  Change doesn’t happen easily. The only way to make change is to DO YOUR THING. Keep trying.  There is still a lot that needs to happen in the world as far as LGBTIQ rights are concerned. There’s lots of horrible things continue to happen, including death. Trans folk. Now is our time, now is time for change around perceptions, around gender. It’s hard but keep being yourself (but always try and stay safe).  It’s also hard for women, all kinds of women. Keep pushing. Keep standing up for you.

To quote Paradox Rei (do you know Paradox Rei?  Look them up.) #AllDragIsValid.   You can be fat, thin, male, female, trans, non-binary, black, brown, yellow, white or green. There are no rules. You can do it however the fuck you like, you can bind, not bind. Have a beard, not have a beard. Pack or not pack.

Not everyone comes to their art equally. Some have more advantages than others. Some don’t have the money or the health to do their drag as they wish.  The colour of their skin might impact them; They might not be able bodied, or they might have multiple ‘challenges’.  Some are living in isolation (either geographically, or emotionally) and don’t have the support. Just because someone is ‘doing well’ or is ‘successful’ in terms of winning awards or such like, doesn’t mean they are better than you.  Go forth and change the world do your drag 😊


Sparklemuffin posing before doing their ‘Betty Howard’ inspired routine at Miss Kitka’s House of Burlesque, Kitten of the Year 2017 show.  Costume and styling by Sparklemuffin, makeup by Ange Broso. Photo by D-Eye (Brett Sargeant).

Damien D’Luxe – USA

Damien D'Luxe (2)

Damien D’Luxe, Drag King from Minneapolis, USA.  Photo, Makeup and costume all by Damien


Performer name(s): Damien D’Luxe

Where do you live (and perform): Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Gender: Gender Queer

Age: 32

Muggle day job:  Tattoo Shop Owner/ Tattoo Artist

Length of time performing: I have been performing for 15 years. I would say I have likely done at least 600 or more shows (estimating).

What you refer to yourself performance wise ?: Drag King


Damien D'Luxe 3

Damien D’Luxe, Drag King from Minneapolis, USA.  Photo, Makeup and costume all by Damien

Why do you perform?

I perform as a way to express my gender identity. Because I identify as gender queer but present more “female” in my daily life, it is a great outlet for me to feel more masculine when I am on stage. I see it as a way of being a man without being a man. I also use drag to assist with my social anxiety. I have a difficult time interacting with others in my daily life and doing drag allows me to be someone else and helps me to socialize with people when I normally wouldn’t be able to.  Drag is also another art form for me. I don’t do a ton of artwork outside of my work in tattooing. Doing drag allows me to use my body as my canvas. I paint my artwork on myself at every show.

How would you describe your performance style ?

My performance style varies a lot between cosplay, hip hop and pop/lock dancing style numbers, boilesque and dark/creepy numbers. I try to bring varying looks to each show and do dramatic make up and costume changes between numbers.

What /who inspires you ?

I am inspired by a lot of things around me. I do a lot of research in high fashion looks and male couture online. I also use inspiration from specific characters when I create them for cosplay. The celebrity that I am inspired by the most is Marilyn Manson. I also find inspiration in make up from the drag queens that I work with and from fellow kings on social media.

Some information about your costumes:

My costumes range from dark and sexy to bright and colorful. I use a lot of feathers, sequins, rhinestones, studs and other embellishments.  I do a lot of singular colors from head to toe or use color themes varying by the song. I also do a lot of cosplay numbers that use costuming from specific well known characters. I make most everything myself and my wife helps me embellish them a lot of times when I am short on time.

Your favourite act (of your own or someone else’s) and why:

My favourite act changes by the month. I feel like my favourite act generally is my most recent act. I love bringing new pieces to the stage and the invigorating feel of new costuming and song choices. My current favourite act of mine is performing to Macho Man by the Village People. I perform it as a circus strongman with a big barbell. I love the campiness and fun in the number and that I am able to bring theatrics to the stage.

Biggest challenge as a performer:

The biggest challenge for me as a performer is balancing my life and having proper time management. Because I own my own business and have employees along with managing my own tattooing my free time is very limited. I also perform 1-3 times every week. This does not leave me a lot of time for my home, family and friends. Over the years I have learned to find a sort of balance but at times I find myself burned out. Sometimes I simply wish there were more hours in the day!

Social media handles, any links you want to share:

Instagram @damiendluxe

FB @damiendluxe

Twitter @tattoosbyemi


Damien D'Luxe 4

Damien D’Luxe, Drag King from Minneapolis, USA.  Photo, Makeup and costume all by Damien


Damien D'Luxe

Damien D’Luxe, Drag King from Minneapolis, USA.  Photo, Makeup and costume all by Damien

Flare – Canada


Flare, Drag King from Toronto Canada. One of the first kings to tassel twirl.  Photo by Sammy Snapshots (2008)


Performer name(s): main one is Flare, Drag King Flare, Flarington King, Buck Off

Where do you live (and perform): Live – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – perform all over the world

Gender: Out of drag She – In drag He

Age: 44

Muggle day: Entertainment Contract Manager

Length of time performing: 22 years performing – I have done monthly performances almost the whole time, give or take a few years when I was coupled and didn’t perform as much – but so many I couldn’t even guess a number.

What you refer to yourself performance wise: Drag King and Draglesque



Flare, Drag king from Toronto Canada. photo: selfie, beard made by Spikey Van Dykey


Why do you perform?  To share with others that gender is fluid, to share stories, to be a character, and to show that a human can be sexy/attractive outside of the square box models that I used to only see on TV and in print.  Over 22 years this has changed.  I am seeing now more gender fluidity in mainstream media.

How would you describe your performance style: I’m a character performer.  I find a song I like, a story develops with a character in mind, and then I breakdown the song as the character would.

What /who inspires you:  Other performers who push the boundaries and are also characters.  Two kings I’m inspired by right now are the Qzars from Austin, Texas.  Their concept, makeup, outfits, and delivery is so energetic, different, and visually appealing.  I want to join their band.

Some information about your costumes: I currently live in a loft studio and 80% of its use is for my drag costumes.  I live in a big ol’ tickle trunk!

Your favourite act (of your own or someone else’s) and why: My favourite act of mine is my newest one “I want to know what love is” by Foreigner.  It’s my favourite because I dress up as this big bearded 70’s guy who is still trying to find love the ‘bad old fashioned way’…he doesn’t get ahead.  I love it cause it’s so camp, the song is one of my favorites, and deep down I’m kind of that guy.

Biggest challenge as a performer: EGO – I’m a performer and I’m a producer.  I’ve seen what EGO does to a well mannered person.  The trend I’ve seen over the years is this: a new performer takes to the stage and they are nervous, they do it, they get their jitter relief, they get their applause and they are filled with acceptance and adrenaline.  This first wave they are humble and grateful.  Then, as they build, and get more attention something shifts from humble to cocky to arrogant.  I think what happens is someone who may not be considered ‘mainstream attractive’ or doesn’t feel validated in themselves somehow gets a new form of attention.  And most of us, except for the theatre kids, aren’t used to it and aren’t prepared for how it can change you.  When EGO comes in people get competitive and actually unsupportive of one another.  Been in many a dressing room where someone is rude to another performer or even the Producer because they think they are Elvis not just playing him.

Some of your achievements: Headliner of the following: Great Big International Drag King Show – Washington DC; Saturday night Headliner 2015 – Fierce! International Queerlesque Festival; Headliner 2016 – Austin International Drag Festival.  Sat on the IDKE (International Drag King Community Extravaganza) for ten years helping the IDKE festival continue to move from different cities.  I’m one of the first drag kings in the world to twirl tassels.  Started in 2003.  I have found out that there was a Boylesque troupe in San Francisco at the same time (I’m in Canada) where the drag kings twirled tassels.  When I started I had never seen another king do it and I was already at an International level.  I was on Maury Povich and Queer as Folk.  I made a documentary called “A Drag King Extravaganza” about the first 10 years of IDKE which is distributed by Frameline.

Social media handles, any links you want to share:  Currently working on the website with Ken Vegas and Mo.B.Dick – site should be up by 2019.

Something you would like to tell readers: If you want to try drag DO IT.  And know Drag can encompass any idea, character, style that you want (as long as you don’t culturally appropriate or act in a violent non-consensual way towards others).  Be creative and use the stage to express your creativity.  Also be mindful of your audience.  I change my acts according to whom my audience is.  They are the ones coming to be entertained.  Your job is to entertain them, so keep them in your mind as you create. xo


Flare, Drag King from Toronto, Canada.  Photo taken by Tania Anderson from ‘Game of Kings’


DRAG KING FLARE 374A8382 kevinkellyphotography

Flare, Drag King from Toronto, Canada. Photo by Kevin Kelly

Marlena Dali – Australia

3. Marlena Dali

Marlena Dali, photo by Odd and Peculiar / hair and makeup and headdress by Marlena Dalí / latex, props, and location provided by Maxx Black

Performer name(s):   Marlena Dalí / Fellatio The Fagnificent / Gsus Christ

Where do you live (and perform)?   Sydney, Australia – I am from Los Angeles and I have performed there the longest.

Gender: Non-binary Clown

Age: 30

Muggle day job: I’m a fulltime artist.

Length of time performing: 18 years (first 10 as a professional musician that incorporated theatre performance as well as drag and film)

What you refer to yourself performance wise? Drag Thing

1. Marlena Dali.

Marlena Dali, Photo by Little Raven Photography / hair by Jamie Hill / makeup + costume by Marlena Dalí

Why do you perform?  I HAVE TO – Performance is my life, it also happens to be one of the only things I’m decent at. It’s also the best way that I can be an activist.

How would you describe your performance style?  Life Clown – clumsy sexy – disgusting.

What /who inspires you?  70s Glam, early 20th century Jewish variety/comedy artists (I’m Jewish), animals, water, chaos, failure, meaninglessness but also sentimentality, ICP, Ney Matogrosso, Dzi Croquttes, Dolly Parton, and my family friends Alicia Partnoy and Antonio Leiva who survived government sanctioned torture in Argentina.

Some information about your costumes: Mostly I make them from stuff I find literally on the ground or at thrift stores. I am inspired by Baroque and fetish aesthetics as well as animals. I try to portray and also dissect queer iconography through my costumes. I love shiny, glittery sparkles and latex and crystals… poofy, billowing white sleeves or skirts, and black leather pants. Weimar coattails and creepy creature masks.

Your favourite act (of your own) and why: At the moment, my Fellatio the Fagnificent leather daddy balloon swallow act.

Biggest challenge as a performer: Loving myself

2. Marlena Dali, Pastel prince

Marlena Dali, Pastel Prince, photo by Skye Gellmann / hair and makeup by Marlena Dalí / costume by Melanie Gillbank / shoes from Jamie Hill

Some of your achievements: I moved to another country and established myself as a professional performer. I may be poor, and don’t have access to centrelink, but do not have to have a day job. I emceed the Women’s March 2017 in Sydney in front of 10,000 people. I actually applied for a big grant and got it for the show I produce that is my dream show, The Oyster Club—we sell out every single show. I got a master’s degree when I was 24. I was named Gsus by Robert Downey Jr. I made an anti-torture film that’s shown in classrooms around the world called “I Have Two Voices”. I finally realized I don’t need to have a gender and I don’t need to look a certain way to be that non-gender. I threw pumpkins in Spike Jones’ pool with Karen O. I got out of abusive relationships. I survived rape and molestation when I was 14 and 17 and I continue to survive the abuse from cis men and the patriarchy every damn day.

Social media handles, any links you want to share:

Insta: marlena_dali, Face: /marlenadali

Something you would like to tell readers: Never listen to anyone that puts you down for your art, they are wrong and not worth your time. Destroy Capitalism. Destroy the white supremacist patriarchy. Help those that need help. Love the planet, it’s the only one we have.

4. Marlena Dali, mouthy

Marlena Dali, photo by Odd and Peculiar / hair and makeup and costume by Marlena Dalí