Marlena Dali – Australia

3. Marlena Dali

Marlena Dali, photo by Odd and Peculiar / hair and makeup and headdress by Marlena Dalí / latex, props, and location provided by Maxx Black

Performer name(s):   Marlena Dalí / Fellatio The Fagnificent / Gsus Christ

Where do you live (and perform)?   Sydney, Australia – I am from Los Angeles and I have performed there the longest.

Gender: Non-binary Clown

Age: 30

Muggle day job: I’m a fulltime artist.

Length of time performing: 18 years (first 10 as a professional musician that incorporated theatre performance as well as drag and film)

What you refer to yourself performance wise? Drag Thing

1. Marlena Dali.

Marlena Dali, Photo by Little Raven Photography / hair by Jamie Hill / makeup + costume by Marlena Dalí

Why do you perform?  I HAVE TO – Performance is my life, it also happens to be one of the only things I’m decent at. It’s also the best way that I can be an activist.

How would you describe your performance style?  Life Clown – clumsy sexy – disgusting.

What /who inspires you?  70s Glam, early 20th century Jewish variety/comedy artists (I’m Jewish), animals, water, chaos, failure, meaninglessness but also sentimentality, ICP, Ney Matogrosso, Dzi Croquttes, Dolly Parton, and my family friends Alicia Partnoy and Antonio Leiva who survived government sanctioned torture in Argentina.

Some information about your costumes: Mostly I make them from stuff I find literally on the ground or at thrift stores. I am inspired by Baroque and fetish aesthetics as well as animals. I try to portray and also dissect queer iconography through my costumes. I love shiny, glittery sparkles and latex and crystals… poofy, billowing white sleeves or skirts, and black leather pants. Weimar coattails and creepy creature masks.

Your favourite act (of your own) and why: At the moment, my Fellatio the Fagnificent leather daddy balloon swallow act.

Biggest challenge as a performer: Loving myself

2. Marlena Dali, Pastel prince

Marlena Dali, Pastel Prince, photo by Skye Gellmann / hair and makeup by Marlena Dalí / costume by Melanie Gillbank / shoes from Jamie Hill

Some of your achievements: I moved to another country and established myself as a professional performer. I may be poor, and don’t have access to centrelink, but do not have to have a day job. I emceed the Women’s March 2017 in Sydney in front of 10,000 people. I actually applied for a big grant and got it for the show I produce that is my dream show, The Oyster Club—we sell out every single show. I got a master’s degree when I was 24. I was named Gsus by Robert Downey Jr. I made an anti-torture film that’s shown in classrooms around the world called “I Have Two Voices”. I finally realized I don’t need to have a gender and I don’t need to look a certain way to be that non-gender. I threw pumpkins in Spike Jones’ pool with Karen O. I got out of abusive relationships. I survived rape and molestation when I was 14 and 17 and I continue to survive the abuse from cis men and the patriarchy every damn day.

Social media handles, any links you want to share:

Insta: marlena_dali, Face: /marlenadali

Something you would like to tell readers: Never listen to anyone that puts you down for your art, they are wrong and not worth your time. Destroy Capitalism. Destroy the white supremacist patriarchy. Help those that need help. Love the planet, it’s the only one we have.

4. Marlena Dali, mouthy

Marlena Dali, photo by Odd and Peculiar / hair and makeup and costume by Marlena Dalí