Richard Reckless – UK


Richard Reckless, Drag King from Brighton, United Kingdom. Photo and makeup by Richard Reckless.

Performer Name(s): Richard Reckless

Where do you live (and perform) : Brighton, United Kingdom

Gender: Female/ gender Fluid

Age: 29

Muggle day job: Film Maker/ Voice Over Artist/ Head of Returns at a well-known Footwear Company

Length of time performing: Around 4 years

What you refer to yourself performance wise: Drag King/ Drag Artist

Why do you perform? Because I love being on stage, I love to create, and I explore gender constructs and challenge perceptions.

Richard 3

Richard Reckless, Drag King from Brighton, United Kingdom. Taken at Brighton’s King of the Fringe // Source: PhotosbyDavid

Richard 2

Richard Reckless, Drag King from Brighton, United Kingdom. Photo by Lu Radford- Makeup and Costume Richard Reckless and Weeze Cooper.

How would you describe your performance style?  Alternative and Punk

What /who inspires you?  Punk music, country music, films and tv

Some information about your costumes: I generally dress in a punk style as my drag alter ego was born from my love of punk music. Being a singer and lyricist in a punk band before I ever tried drag gave me the confidence I now have, to perform in front of people. My punk stage performances were the root of where Richard came from. I also have dressed as Donald trump as a reptilian and as one of my favourite characters from one of my favourite films- Quint from Jaws.

Your favourite act (of your own or someone else’s) and why: I like my performance of Gay Bar because I get to be silly and over the top. I also very much enjoy performing my own music as I get to portray my own messages and beliefs. I also like performing my own music because I get to perform with my friends and band.

Biggest challenge as a performer: I get very nervous and doubt myself before shows

Some of your achievements: I have appeared on channel 4’s body fixers as a drag king. I also have been a drag king extra in the BBC show ‘ Cuffs’. Last year I competed in King me: Rise of a Drag King. I have also competed in King of the Fringe and have run my own drag and burlesque cabaret night in Brighton. Additionally, I was the lead singer of Brighton’s only drag king punk band. I also starred as Pinkie in the Brighton rock redux by Richard Dedomenici.

Social media handles, any links you want to share:

Instagram: Katastrophic1 , Facebook:, twitter :

Something you would like to tell readers:

I have a brand-new project coming up which is very exciting. I am working with two very talented musicians on an entirely new undertaking. This is going to be something special. I can’t say too much right now except for watch this space. We are DJ Chick’en and the Cuntry Roosters and we can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on with you all! Expect the unexpected. Something  peculiar is coming this August. 😛


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Project by Richard Reckless, drag king from Brighton United Kingdom.