Flint Lokke/Lilith Le Strange – Canada

Flint Lokke 3

Flint Lokke,  Drag King from Yukon Territory, Canada soon to be somewhere in Newfoundland!  Photos, hair, makeup all by Flint Lokke

Performer name(s): Flint Lokke and Lilith Lestrange

Where do you live (and perform)?  Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada soon to be somewhere in Newfoundland!

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Muggle day job: Voice Actor, Paramedic And Bartender (yup they all earn me $$$)

Length of time performing:
I’ve been performing as a whole for 20 years. I started really young. I’ve gone to a performing arts high school and eventually went into a performing arts university. I’ve been modeling for 7 years and I am in the newborn stages of male impersonation.

 What you refer to yourself performance wise: drag king and hyper queen

Why do you perform?
I find performance as a way to let go of your own emotions and stresses but also a way to connect people of all cultures to share the importance of equality in society and how performance can have such a big impact on society as a whole. Any and all performance no matter what it is, is a story waiting to be told. No matter if you’re playing  another gender, showing who you really are or just having fun. There is always a story line.

How would you describe your performance style:
gothic, moody, macabre…..very Victorian Jack the Ripper meets royal aristocrat

Flint Lokke 2

Lilith Lestrange, Hyper Queen from Canada. Photography : Fake Believe Photography, Styling: Lilith Lestrange
Model: Lilith Lestrange

 What /who inspires you:
oh a hell of a lot! My best friend inspires me every day. She’s been my rock for the last few years and really helped push me in the direction I want to go but was too scared to go for. My list is really long so I’ll leave it there for now.

Biggest challenge as a performer:
I think he biggest challenge as a performer period is location and being seen. If you’re like me and come from a small town who may be very supportive but also very cliquey then it becomes a lot harder to get yourself out there. It becomes a huge damper on your confidence when you continually get rejected for things…Thankfully we have social media for that.

 Some of your achievements:
oh….uhh…. completing my paramedics licensing was a big one… finishing university…I have my Canada Cord through girl guides and have travelled helping towns in Mexico with them.

Social media handles, any links you want to share:
Instagram: @FlintLokke

facebook: @FlintLokkeDrag

Facebook page: @OfficiallyLilith

Email: flintlokkedrag@gmail.com or lilithlestrangemodel@gmail.com

Website: Flintsdragden.wixsite.com/website

 Something you would like to tell readers:
don’t be afraid to do something just because you’ve been told you can’t do it. Drag is a rebellion and all drag is valid. So don’t think for one second that your ideas are so crazy they won’t happen. It will. Just take a deep breathe and jump into that waiting sky. Even if it’s cloudy it’ll break up eventually!!

Flint Lokke 1

Lilith Lestrange, Hyper Queen from Canada. Photography : Fake Believe Photography, Styling: Lilith Lestrange, 
Latex: Kinky Cat Designs