Dicky Love/ Dixie Drag Queen/D.Love Burlesque and FellaFem Event Production Company


Dicky Love 9

Stela D.Love FellaFem at Dandy Drag Cabaret, 2016. Makeup/costume/photo by Stela D. Love FellaFem.  Drag performer from San Francisco, USA

Dixie to Dicky 3

From Dixie to Dicky Love.  Performer versatility from Stela D.Love FellaFem. Drag performer from San Francisco, USA.  Makeup for Dixie by Tarzanna.  Photos by Stela D.Love FellaFem


Performer name(s): Dicky Love- Drag King , Dixie Drag Queen, D. Love Burlesque, and FellaFem Event Production company.

Where do you live (and perform)?: Oakland Ca, San Francisco Bay Area, performing all around the world where ever they will have me.

Gender: Non-binary, female at birth.

Age : 47 year old.

Muggle day job: Artist, sculptor, Lg event producer, performer, and Emcee.

Length of time performing: I have been performing in drag since 7 years of age. I have been performing for 16 years professionally, and over seven hundred gender-bending performances

What you refer to yourself performance wise:  Drag King

Why do you perform? To express creative ideas and have fun with gender-fuckery.  I feel more comfortable on stage than anywhere else in the world. It’s a wonderful platform to play with gender and also send positive message to community.

How would you describe your performance style?  I am a diverse King that can play almost any role. I make my own costumes by repurposing thrift clothing and adding to them. I make props with a bachelors in sculpture and have extensions make skills. You can see me a number of times in costume and not know I was the same performer. I have do it all; Straight male impersonations, drag queen, femme, twink, clown, creatures, glitter, theatrical, cosplay, gender-bending, mix it all together, burlesque and troupe/group drag.

Dicky Love 7

Stela aka D.Love FellaFem, drag performer from San Francisco, USA.  Pants made by Vixon Designs, Wig by Thrillperlers. Rest of costume and makeup by Stela D.Love FellaFem.  Photo taken at Dandy Drag Cabaret, San Francisco, 2017.

Dicky Love 5

Stela aka D.Love FellaFem. Photo by Tarzanna, 2018.

Dicky Love 1

Stela aka D.Love FellaFem. Ms San Francisco Leather 2016.  Photo by Dahlia Kash

What /who inspires you? Everything around me, all the events in my life influence my drag.

Some information about your costumes: I put a lot of detail into my drag costume. I take old things, cut them up, sew them, paint, dye, add rhinestones and trim. At times I will add a strip of satin or sequins to jazz up pants. Other times I sew in snaps for tearaways. The hot glue is my friend and I am all about dollar store drag and turning out something fabulous.

Your favourite act (of your own or someone else’s) and why: There are some many acts that love and have spent years perfecting. Outside of myself my favorite act from “White Christmas” is Sisters with Bing Crosby and Danny Thomas.

Biggest challenge as a performer: To stay relevant, popular and continue to grow my craft.

Dicky Love 6

Stela aka D.Love FellaFem, drag performer from San Francisco, USA.  Debauchery Show, 2018. Photo by Tarzanna.


Achievements: I have been part of three San Francisco Drag king contest winning troupes; Sacramento Kings of Drag, Slikk Bois, and as founder/Daddy of Fella-Fem. I was a founding member of the East Bay Kings Club, which kicked off the Wednesday night Drag show at the White Horse in Oakland CA (the oldest gay bar in the country.) I am a California College Of arts graduate and have shown my sculpture work all over the world.

A San Francisco Bay Area native, non-binary artist, leather person, an international gender-bender, activist for LGBTQ, performer, and large event producer.  I was awarded woman of the year by the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance in 2017, was the first to receive the non-binary award with Mir Bilodeau 2016, and Sainted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence as “Saint Motor Boat” for exceptional community service. Stela (me) served as co-producer of Ms SF Leather 2017, Ms. San Francisco Leather 2016, the advisory committee for the Catalyst, Vice President of Queer Sphere 2yrs, and event/entertainment producer for the Playground at Folsom Street Events for 3yrs. I am a widely skilled leather person traveling the world teaching workshops, judging, performing, emceeing and producing events. They were 1st runner up at International Ms Leather 2017, and Rocky Mountain Rebellion 2017 ’s key note speaker. I am pleased to be a co-producer and emcee for Russian River Women’s Weekend (inclusive of all who identify as women) and Women Of Drummer’s co-emcee (the first women’s international play title.)


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Something you would like to tell readers: At seven years old I played my first role in the 2nd grade Christmas Play, as one of the three wise men. I was thrilled at the idea of wearing a beard and fancy robes. This became a running theme in my youth. Later I begged my parents for a three-piece suit, portable Shaun Cassidy record player and toy guitar. My Family had a wonderful fireplace surrounded by a raised step made of brick. It was my first stage, performing Elvis, Mac Davis, and Kenny Rogers for my family. My first professional drag king performance was in an art gallery called the “Uptown’,  where I sold my sculpture. In the early 2000s I managed the stage for the drag king show, when the owner, Louie Luxury, talked me into doing backup for a number. I was hooked!

Dicky Love 2

Dicky Love, drag performer from San Francisco, USA. Photo by Marta Elena 2008

Dicky Love 8

Stela D.Love FellaFem, drag performer from San Francisco, USA. From Rebel Kings Show 2016. Photo by Stela D.Love

Dicky Love 4

Stela D.Love, performer from San Francisco, USA.  Photo by Muffin from the International Miss Leather Seduction Show 2018.