Mike Litoris – New Zealand

Mike Litoris 1

Mike Litoris, drag king from Wellington, New Zealand. Photo: Paradox Photography. Design: Caleb McNabb. Makeup and styling by Mike Litoris. Courtesy of Gag Collective

Performer name(s): Mike Litoris

Where do you live (and perform): Wellington, New Zealand

Gender: Woman (she/her)

Age: 26

Muggle day job: Sex Worker/Busker

Length of time performing:  2 ½ years. Done multiple gigs, usually perform once, sometimes twice a month. Performed at Wellington Pride Festival.

What you refer to yourself performance wise: Drag King

Why do you perform? For expression, to subvert and challenge the norm, promote body positivity, because I enjoy it.

How would you describe your performance style: Gritty, masculine, gay, challenging, powerful.

What /who inspires you: Other drag kings, my drag community, the wider drag king community. My partner (a transmasc drag queen).

After Party Pic

 Mike Litoris, drag king from Wellington, New Zealand. Photo: Jeff Tolan. Makeup and Costume by Mike Litoris.

Some information about your costumes: Often self-created from thrift shop finds on a budget, I usually buy base garments, adding to them with embroidery, stitching, studs and rhinestones etc. as I see fit. I have a couple of standard outfits, and then I might have a couple of outfits designed specifically for a certain act.

Your favourite act (of your own or someone else’s) and why: My act, where I am a silver android, with light-up reveals and several cuts of electronica tracks. My best act to date.

Biggest challenge as a performer: Budget limitations

Some of your achievements: Performed at Wellington Pride Festival, including the afterparty with an international Drag Queen, Laila McQueen, part of a collective called Gag Collective, producing my own show bi-monthly called Open Mike.

Social media handles, any links you want to share:

Instagram: @mikelitorisdrag (https://www.instagram.com/mikelitorisdrag)

Facebook: Mike Litoris Drag King (https://www.facebook.com/MikeLitorisDragKing/)

Twitter: @mikelitorisdrag (https://twitter.com/mikelitorisdrag)

 Something you would like to tell readers: Drag is for anybody. If you feel like your gender, age, divergence or disability makes you less valid to try drag because of the overwhelming majority with privilege, fight to prove them wrong. You are valid. Your drag is valid. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Mike Litoris Promo Pic

Mike Litoris from Wellington, New Zealand.  Photo: Ngarongonui Mareikura-Ellery. Makeup and costume by Mike Litoris.

Mike Litoris 2

Mike Litoris from Wellington, New Zealand. Photo: Bernie Homes. Makeup and costume by Mike Litoris.